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The Greater Region of Rogersville owes its founding in part to the workers who came around 1869 to build the Intercolonial Railway connecting Halifax to Montreal. Little by little, these first settlers moved into the five areas that now make up the Greater Region of Rogersville: Acadieville, Collette, Marcelville, Rosaireville and Rogersville. Settlers from other regions (Richibucto, Cocagne, Prince Edward Island, etc.) also moved into the region during the same time period.

The first church was built in Acadieville. In 1871, with the manpower provided by the parishioners, Abbé M.-F. Richard erected the first chapel, which was transported to the current parish church location in 1887. After becoming priest of Rogersville in 1885, Mgr. Richard then arranged for the construction of the Rogersville church, which had begun in 1888, to be completed. The Rosaireville mission church was added to the mother parish in 1905, followed by the Marcelville church in 1913 and the Collette church in 1914.

Mgr. Richard, today referred to as the “Father of Acadia,” is honoured for his constant devotion to conserving our heritage and culture. He is responsible for creating the Acadian flag, the Acadian national anthem and the Acadian national shrine, the Monument Notre-Dame de l’Assomption, where he is buried. In addition to these achievements, Mgr. Richard is responsible for the construction of three presbyteries, two convents, a college, about 50 schools and 14 churches, including those in our region.

Local Heritage Sites

The Village of Rogersville also has eight sites that are recognized as local heritage sites:

  1. Train station
  2. Boutique Mode Elle
  3. St-François de Sales church
  4. Filles de Jésus convent
  5. Trappistines monastery
  6. Rogersville picnic grounds
  7. Rogersville presbytery
  8. Gérard Raymond Centre

Provincial Heritage Site

  1. Notre-Dame de l’Assomption national monument