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Here in the Greater Region of Rogersville, youth are stakeholders in the community and are actively involved in it at various levels. Our youth have two schools and now a daycare centre that give them all the facilities they need for their development and learning. There are also facilities for youth (skateboard/bicycle park, small park for children) and several youth organizations (minor hockey, ringette, minor soccer, minor baseball, Air Cadets) work actively with young people in the community. A youth involvement project is also underway to form a youth council that represents young people between the ages of 15 and 24 in the region. So as you can see, things are happening with youth here.


Visit both of our schools’ websites at:

École W.-F. Boisvert

Website: http://wfb.nbed.nb.ca/

Website hosted on District 11: http://www.carnetwebds11.ca/wfb/

Principal: Jessica Thériault Doucette: Jessica.theriault@nbed.nb.ca




École secondaire Assomption

Website: http://assomption.nbed.nb.ca/

Principal: Jessica Thériault Doucette- Jessica.theriault@nbed.nb.ca

Secretary: Dianne Babineau – dianne.babineau@nbed.nb.ca





In September 2011, a community daycare centre, La garderie coopérative de Rogersville inc., will open its doors at W.-F. Boisvert school. The daycare will provide regular care and school-age child care services. For more information, contact daycare director Patsy Doiron at 506-623-8069.


Youth project

The strategic committee is in the initial stages of forming a youth council made up of young people in the region who are between the ages of 15 and 24. This group will serve as a model of citizen participation among youth by giving them a voice in the community, thereby improving the youth situation.

We are currently in the process of implementing and starting up this youth council, which would be an official group recognized throughout the community. The region’s youth will be the key players in the planning process and in establishing partnerships, in research, in implementation, in officialization, in advertising and in the action plan that will be established by the council once it is formed. This will truly be a council established BY and FOR youth in the Greater Region of Rogersville.

What we want to accomplish through this project is to develop and maintain youth involvement and leadership in the community by giving young people a voice and a group that will address their concerns and needs. The key purpose of this project, however, is still to establish dialogue between youth and the various decision makers in the region so as to create a more positive image of youth and involve them actively in community development.