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The community strategy is an initiative whose purpose is to ensure that the Greater Region of Rogersville progresses as a prosperous and dynamic community through community, tourism, socio-economic and demographic development, etc.

The process of consulting various community stakeholders began in 2009 and the official strategic plan was launched on June 30 of that year. Since then, the committee of approximately 12 members from all corners of the region have met once a month with a few partners to advance work on different issues. Several priorities in the strategic plan have since been addressed and have been successful. The committee would like to thank our residents for their openness and active participation in making the projects in the strategy a success. The involvement of the Village of Rogersville, RDÉE N.-B., Enterprise Kent and the Rogersville Chamber of Commerce must also be recognized. Together, we thrive as a united, strong and proud region.

Success Stories

Community strategy celebration

The first community strategy celebration was held on July 22, 2010 at the Acadieville community centre. The goal of the evening was to promote the 2009–2010 achievements under the strategy. Approximately 300 people attended the celebration, where kiosks were set up by various community organizations.




Volunteer forum

On October 20, 2010, the strategy committee organized a forum for volunteers in the Greater Region of Rogersville. The evening was hosted by Martin Latulippe and its goal was to open discussion among organizations in the region in order to find solutions related to the challenges that volunteers currently face in the community. About 70 volunteers took part in the discussions and came up with the following priorities: taking stock of infrastructure in the region, creating a community activities calendar and involving youth in the various organizations.




Agriculture session

On March 31, 2010, an information and discussion session was held on various topics related to agriculture in our region. Several speakers gave interesting presentations on topics such as the biomass, niche markets, cranberry development and community-supported agriculture. Approximately 25 participants from the agriculture sector attended and enjoyed the meeting. Another session is expected to be organized in 2011.




Garderie coopérative de Rogersville Ltée

Since 2009, a group of parents have been working to meet a huge need in our community: a daycare centre. After approximately a year’s worth of efforts on their part, La Garderie coopérative de Rogerville Ltée was finally formed on December 16, 2010. Work on the facilities has now begun and the daycare is expected to open in the fall of 2011. In its first year of operations, the daycare will accept 20 children for full time care and 15 for after school care, with the possibility of increasing its capacity as needed.



Forestry session

On March 24, 2011, at the Club d’âge d’or, a forestry session was attended by approximately 50 woodcutters, forestry technicians, woodlot owners, etc. The purpose of the meeting—organized by the community strategy—was to provide people involved in the forest industry ideas, information and motivation to enable them to take things into their own hands in the face of current market challenges. The presentations at the meeting were given by people from all over and provided a lot of information about the various potential projects and programs available for woodlots. A committee has already been formed to look at the available markets and the forestry development possibilities for our region.



Youth project

The strategy committee is in the initial stages of forming a youth council made up of young people in the region who are between the ages of 15 and 24. This group would serve as a model of citizen participation among youth by giving them a voice in the community, thereby improving the youth situation. The region’s youth will be the key players in the planning process and in establishing partnerships, in research, in implementation, in officialization, in advertising and in the action plan that will be established by the council once it is formed. This will truly be a council established BY and FOR youth in the Greater Region of Rogersville.